Landscapist – On Instagram I share my best shots, I tell you my Adventures and I show you the world from my point of view.

My name is Samuele and I live in Abruzzo, the European Green Region, so they call it and effectively, having so many naturalistic and scenic wonders nearby has helped me to get passionate about the world of Photography.

Since I was child I take pictures but just in these last years I’ve decided to dedicate only to one kind, to study it and live it.

Landscape Photography is the one that best represents me, I am a free spirit, I love the silence, I love to stay with my friends and discover new places to tell you.

I like to share my experiences with the other people and via my Instagram Page I want to so show you the world with my eyes.



In addition to photography, I create contents for you. Wallpapers for your Smartphone or Presets to use in Adobe Lightroom to edit your photos inspired by my style. All this … FREE.

When I see that my photos look like Postcards I make them become Wallpapers for your Smartphone.


If you are passionated about Photography and you use Adobe Lightroom download my Presets to edit your Photos. If you want tag me on Instagram to show my your final result.



Do you have any question about Photography or you want to contact me for a Collaboration. This is the right place.